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Distance from Dedalo: 2 km
A visit to The Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria

Drive to Rocca Calascio and along the way make a stop to see the incredible medieval frescoes in Bominaco

  • The castle of Rocca Calascio (41 km from Dedalo) is accessible only on foot from the village of Calascio, where you can leave your car. Incredible views of the valley from the top of the hill
  • Bominaco (enroute to The castle of Rocca Calascio) is a small medieval town dominating the valley of Navelli, home to the Church of San Pellegrino (Exquisite example of Romanesque art with unique medieval frescoes which tell the story of monastic life with its seasons connected to farming), the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, and the Castle of Bominaco

Sulmona and the Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy

Visit Sulmona, famous for world renown confetti, and hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy (35 km from Dedalo): the train of Celestino from Sulmona to Isernia


Castel del monte and Gran Sasso

Castel del Monte (39 km from Dedalo) is a fascinating medieval village connected with legends and myths of witches (on 17 August each year they celebrate the night of witches, one of the most fascinating events in Italy). Other ancient traditions connected to rural life are still alive and celebrated at different times of the year.The village is also famous for being the film set of American movies.
After wandering around the village, drive to Campo imperatore in the National park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. Trek up Gran Sasso from Campo Imperatore, the place where Mussolini was kept prisoner for a few months in the hotel which is still in use today. (escursions to the highest peak of the Gran Sasso mountain massif)


Orfento Valley
There are many walks and well signoposted paths for different levels and abilitles along the incredible valley with a few Hermitages built inside the rock. These are places quite off the beaten track as they are not easliy accessible


L'Aquila and Stiffe Caves

After visiting l'Aquila, head to Stiffe Caves (50 km from Dedalo), an important example of subterranean karst phenomenon which with a particular feature making them unique in Italy.

Visit the coast

South of Pescara you can see all along the coast many characteristic fishing platforms called Trabocchi which have provided fishermen a safe way of fishing, even in the most adverse of sea conditions.


Chieti and Lanciano

  • Lanciano (75 km from Dedalo) has an extremely well-conserved historic center. The town's 17th century Palazzo del Seminario houses the Diocesan Museum with a magnificent collection of centuries-old gold items. Not to be missed is the Church of San Francesco where the relics of the medieval Eucharistic Miracle are conserved.


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