Medieval Towns around Dedalo

Abbateggio (14 km from Dedalo), the village of spelt, is situated in a panoramic position with an all round view of the Gran Sasso. To see the Church of S. Lorenzo, the Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Elcina, where, according to the tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared on a tree.
The typical tholos, shepherds' huts in dry stone and from here there are several trails in the Majella National Park

Caramanico Terme (23 km from Dedalo) has been known since the 16th century for the healthy properties of its spas. Also a destination for nature and art lovers, being in the heart of the Maiella Park, Caramanico offers many itineraries immersed in the forests leading to the Cloisters of St. Peter Celestine and the cloisters of San Giovanni. The beauty of the landscape and the presence of rare species (wolves and eagles, gentian and peonies) make it a true naturalistic jewel. A network of paths of varied difficulty and length allows to cross the whole valley and enjoy the thick vegetation that rises from 500 mt to a breathtaking 2700 meters.

Serramonacesca, 23 Km from Dedalo, Charlemagne's favourite village in Abruzzo, where he erected the Abbey of San Liberatore a Majella and Castel Menardo of which only the ruins remain, are real milestones of military and religious architecture.

Navelli (31 km from Dedalo) is world renowned for the local saffron production.

Anversa degli Abruzzi (44 km from Dedalo) clings onto a rocky cliff under which you can see the wonderful gorges of Sagittario.

Bugnara (38 km from Dedalo) This picturesque medieval borough lies at the bottom of Colle Rotondo. The houses, built entirely in stone, were constructed one against the other. Narrow streets wind up towards the top of the village, where the castle sits. Among the several churches to visit, there is Santissimo Rosario a prime example of the Abruzzan Baroque style.
An important village event is the Romantica and the International Florists' Festival, an all-night celebration with various specialist drink and food stalls, dancing, live music, a catwalk show, floral displays, theatrical events and a venue for the best florists in the world who compete to decorate the historic town centre of Bugnara, setting the scene for a unique event early in August. Not to miss, the Festival of pecorino cheese at the end of June, featuring Pecorino tasting and music
Around the village there are the famous tratturi or pastoral routes heavily used in times gone by for the migration of sheep between summer and winter pastures.

Castel del Monte (39 km from Dedalo) One of the most beautiful medieval towns in Abruzzo, castel del Monte has not seen any development within the past 100 years. As a result, most structures in Castel del Monte are several centuries old, and many have not little changed since the Middle Ages.
Castel del Monte's biggest tourist event is "The Night of the Witches", an annual event held in mid-August, which involves the entire historic district serving as a stage for residents who play the roles of townspeople and witches in a folk drama in the local dialect known as "Castellano".

Introdacqua (40 km from Dedalo)

Opi (44 km from Dedalo)

Pacentro 40 km from Dedalo is a small well preserved medieval village nominated one of the most beautiful in Italy. In World War II this area of Abruzzo was directly affected by some of the most intense warfare of the Italian Campaign as on the other side of the peaks of the Majella from Pacentro, was the German Gustav Line (read more about its history).

Pettorano sul Gizio (44 km from Dedalo) is dominated by the castle which was built to control the passages of the Peligni and Sangro Valleys. To reach the castle you need to walk up the winding ways , a feature of all medieval villages. The area is a haven for bird watchers and animal lovers. If you get lucky, in the reserve, you will see bears, wolves, roe-deers, martens.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio (46 km from Dedalo) is a unique village which used to be a ghost town until a few years ago when many houses were restored and rented out to tourists.

Castelli (76 km from Dedalo) is famous for the museum and the production of ceramics. Noble families of the time like the Aragona, Orsini, Farnese and others of the day commissioned their everyday and most elegant dinner services from the Castelli ceramists. In August Castelli hosts a Market Fair of traditional ceramics along the streets of the village.
Visit San Donato, 1 kilometer from the town, a small church with 15th century floor and ceiling entirely decorated with polychrome bricks with coats-of-arms, arabesques, human figures and animals painted on ceramic.

Scanno (60 km from Dedalo) is a timeless medieval town in Abruzzo

Villalago 53 km from Dedalo

Tagliacozzo 88 km from Dedalo is famous for having an intact medieval centre. The ancient part of the town offers a harmonious urban and architectural landscape, with several interesting palazzos and churches to see. Not to be missed, a precious Oriental Museum with artifacts from Egypt and Ethiopia.



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