Museums and archeological sites within 50 km from Dedalo


in Chieti: (26 km from Dedalo)

    • Museo Archeologico Nazionale d'Abruzzo - the National archeological museum hosts an impressive collection of artifacts from protohistory till Roman times. You can also find an important collection of coins from the 4th till 19th centuries
    • La Civitella museum
    • Museo Barbella

in Pescara: (35 km from Dedalo)

  • D'Annunzio's house - open to the public, you can find books, photographs and belongings of this famous poet who played an important role in the fascist era
  • Museo delle genti d'Abruzzo (35 km from Dedalo)dedicated to anthropology
  • Pinacoteca Basilio Cascella (35 km from Dedalo) houses over 500 works by 3 generations of artists from the Cascella family
  • Museum of the sea - opened in 2013, this modern museum is dedicated to fishing and marine life
  • Villa Uralia houses many ceramics from Castelli
  • Museum of modern art Vittoria Colonna hosts a small number of works as its large spaces are mostly used for exhibitions.
  • Aurum fabbrica delle idee is an incredible space where exhibitions are hosted on a regular basis

in Francavilla: (next to Pescara)

    • Museo Michetti

Smaller museums in villages nearby

    • Celano Museo della Marsica
    • Casa Museo Sipari (Pescasseroli)
    • Corfinio (Museo Civico Archeologico)
    • Sulmona: Museo Archeologico
    • Sulmona: Polo Museale Diocesano
    • Castelvecchio Subequo
    • Collelongo Museo Archeologico
    • L'Aquila Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo
    • Museo Archeologico di Rovere (Rocca di mezzo)

Archeological sites all within 50 km

Alba Fucens is an archeological jewel
Corfinium - the ruins of this ancient city consist of little more than fragments of buildings scattered around an ancient church - this site is very close to Amiternum with ruins of a roman theatre which could accommodate over 2000 spectators.
Necropolis of Campli
Necropolis of Fossa
Iuvanum montenerodomo is a very important archeological site with well preserved temples of the Roman times.
Antica Teate - there are several ruins inside the city of Chieti. Some predate Roman times.
Monte Pallano
Peltuinum (aq)


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